About St. John's Coffeehouse 

and the 

Frederick Building 

About St. John's Coffeehouse

The coffeehouse opened in 1996 under another name, then changed to St. Johns in 1998 under new ownership. Lisa and I purchased the coffeehouse in Jan 2001 and are now the keeper of the keys. Now our oldest daughter Britten has come in to create a wonderful breakfast and lunch menu. Along with her knowledge of good food, she also brings her charm, and taste which is reflected in the new look that St. John's now bares. Can't wait to see you there.

About the name St. John's and The Frederick Building

The name St. Johns comes from the original division of the town which is described below.

Around 1810, John Wharton Collins received a land grant from the Spanish government, which constitutes the major portion of the Covington area today. On July 4th 1813 John Wharton Collins platted the town of Wharton Division of St. John into squares, oriented to the Bogue Falaya river at the foot of Columbia Street due to the town's early emergence as a major shipping port. To day, the Division of St. John is the main commercial center for the city. In 1982 the Division of St. John was listed in the National Register of Historic Places. The Frederick Building that houses St. John's is also on the National Register of Historical Places. The space where St. John's Coffeehouse resides is the only space in the building with its original flooring, ceilings, wanes coating and configuration. Making for a warm inviting place to sit back and enjoy a superb cup of coffee alone with some good conversation. This space was originally Pop Frederick's Bar or Tavern and then became a grocery store for many years after that.