St. John's Coffeehouse Cafe

Coffee's for complete drink menu and price list:

We run standard  single origin coffees from all global regions of the world. Here at St. John's we seek out well established local roasters, who specialize in a broad variety of coffees. We run daily, a Medium Roast, a French Roast, Coffee&Chicory, a Flavored Coffee and an Organic Decaf. Our Ice Coffee is a long brew Viennese served year around.


Our espresso drinks are our specialty. Our barista's will take the time to make your drink the way you like. We offer a huge variety of choices and can match any concoction you so desire. If your looking for a "real"extra light cappuccino to a sugarfree coco Mohca with soy, St. John's is where to go. We set the standard on the Northshore.


We run a iced, black, a green blend, and herbals daily all year round. we carry a broad choice of blacks, decaf blacks, greens, decaf greens and whites. For your warm cup of tea, we carry a broad spectrum of teas and herbals all steeped in China mugs in unbleached hemp fiber tea bags.

We try our best to give you the best products we can find and the service that comes with it.